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LINKS Harmonica all you need to know
The Barcodes Organ based Blues / Jazz Trio
The Yardbirds - UK Classic UK Band
The Yardbirds - USA Classic UK Band
The Yardbirds - France Classic UK Band
Papa George One of the UKs best Blues Men
Roland Chadwick Blues and Cassical Guitar
John Idan Yardbirds Guitar
Little-Axe Modern Blues Band
Roger Cotton Producer and Musician
The Incredible Blues Puppies Old Dogs with new tricks
Great independent record label
Daniel Smith and his Blues Band. Piano Man
Illinois Blues All about the Blues - lots of Information
Werner "Flamingstratman" Lindner German Blues musicians on a special mission
Harmonica Links Players, Harmonicas, Lessons.etc
Harmonica Lessons Harmonicas, Lessons
Harmonica Store Harmonicas Store
The Harmonica Company Harmonicas, Lessons and Info
Harmonica - Dave Gage Harmonica Player